10 Practical things you can do to overcome boredem during #SocialDistancing

I hope that you and your loves ones are safe in your homes. I would like to extend my appreciation to all Doctors, Assistants/ Nurses, Authorities, Forces, Media Outlets, Businesses, Delivery guys/girls for the tireless efforts taken to provide a service to the people. We all have the potential of being the next victim to the virus so let’s take a moment to remember the victims and families of covid19 and those currently fighting for their lives.

Thank you, moving on…

Isn’t it ironic that the most viral hashtag of 2020 so far happens to be a virus? (too soon?) Anyway, here’s a recap of the financial markets (S&P 500), let’s see if we can catch something positive.

S&P 500 March 2020
Here we go…
S&P 500 (06.04.2020)
S&P 500 (07.04.2020)
Crude Oil WTI as at 6th April 2020

Errm nevermind… Anyway here’s

1. Rearrange/ Redecorate/Clean your Home


Not only will this keep your home free from dust, bacteria/viruses and spruce the place up a bit, But rearranging/redecorating can be a fun activity to do individually, with your partner or with the family.

And hey as a bonus you will get a mini workout in the process 😉

This would be a great time to go through all the unnecessary things you have lying around in the house (excluding family members) and perhaps give them to someone less fortunate or donate to a homeless shelter. After quarantine has been lifted of course. (Two good deeds in one activity👍)

*Also to my more mature audience, don’t forget to watch those backs when lifting or moving heavy furniture, bend at the knees and all the rest of it.

2. Exercise / Meditate


The reason i’m putting exercise and meditation together is because i believe first time meditators may have a hard time sitting in one place doing nothing. It may feel more like detention/solitary confinement rather than meditation.

So a short semi-intense home workout followed by some meditation will keep your mind & body occupied.

However, after a few sessions, meditation itself may be able to calm your mind and make you feel less bored or less irritable with being bored.

3. Learn a new Language/ Acquire a new Skill /
Read a book


Remember that exotic holiday you were planning on taking this year? Well what better way to pass the time than to learn a few phrases of the native language. Here are a few useful phrases

Spanish – “ mas queso en las quesadillas por favor
Translation – More Cheese in the quesadillas please
Meaning – More Cheese in the quesadillas please

Mongolian – “бурхан оршоо бутын чинээ сахал урга”
Translation – God bless you and may your mustache grow like brushwood
Meaning – It is a polite way to say “God bless you” when someone sneezes

French – “Pédaler dans la choucroute”
Translation – To pedal in the sauerkraut
Meaning – To lose your train of thought

The internet is riddled with online tutorials, classifications and classes. Want to learn to play an instrument? become a certified coder? These online libraries are open 24/7



4. Face time/Call/Text an old friend

Wonder what (Insert old friends nickname here) has been up to after 10 years? Give them a call. Catching up with an old friend is a great way to pass time. Reminisce the golden moments of yesteryear. Include this into your daily routine and take this opportunity to rekindle those friendships.

5. Cook

Put on that apron and get creative in the kitchen 😉 youtube has an abundant pool of inspiration and tutorials for easy and fun meals to cook and enjoy. Treat yourself/ partner/ family to a homemade buffet or an exotic cuisine garnished with love.

6. Join a Support group or sign petitions for good causes


Yes, good causes!

7. Watch Movies/ TV Series / Documentaries

No brainer -_-

8. Play A Game

If you are someone who prefers to be visually and auditorily stimulated over spikes of artificially induced adrenaline i highly suggest playing a video/mobile game. There are many listed on the appstore/playstores. Just go on and click most download games or recommended games and help yourself.

However, if you are looking for a more immersive gaming experience i highly suggest the free to play online game EVE. EVE is a space-based, persistent world massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Or MMORPG for short.

Use this link to Sign up and get playing straight away – www.shorturl.at/mwAY3

I will however advise that if you are someone who uses devices extensively you might want to take this time to give your eyes and ears a rest. Perhaps indulge in some equally fun board games, cards or puzzles.

9. Go through/Sort Photo Albums/Folders


Time to huddle up over some hot cocoa and open up the family photo albums folks. (Caution – May cause fits of hysteria and in voluntary tearing up. Best keep a box of tissues/toilet paper close to you during this practice)

This would also a be great time to sort your pictures out into folders, chronologically, alphabetically, numerically, alphaneumerically or what have you.

10. #coronavirus Memes

If you cant beat them join them. There are over 13,500,000 memes on instagram and twitter for #coronavirus guaranteed to make you, your partners, family and friends chuckle.

Whatever you do keep your spirits up, after-all laughter is the best medicine.

Stay Safe!

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