To anyone in the Digital and Social Media space looking to setup or optimize your efforts post lock-down, Avoid the trap of panic selling. Focus all your efforts in building/re-building relationships with customers.

The digital and social landscape can seem very overwhelming. With technical jargon, codes, consumer funneling, ad techniques, production costs on one end. And some digital guru trying to sell you his limited time offer $37 marketing course on the other end.

But what it comes down to is having a good product/service and a platform to engage with your customers/potential customers as often as possible.

So, Here are the 3 Steps (essential building blocks) you need to succeed in digital and social media marketing.


Know what is required to get through to your audience.

You do not need a 360° digital and social solution to get word out to your potential customers. Make yourself available for business through a website/app, social media pages, and paid ads


Your potential customer may already know the nature about the product or service you offer. So you don’t have to spend too much time and effort trying to sell. The objective of engagement is simple… to connect with another. And how do you do this?


Connect with your customers through relatable content. The more content i.e the more emotional equity towards your brand

*Remember that even if you are using a device to connect with a user. You are still talking to a fellow human being on the other end of that device.


The truth about your product/service is in the data. Constantly evaluate engagement, ad campaign data analytics and insights, They reveal the consequences of your efforts.

After you evaluate the data, focus all your efforts on your strengths.

over time you will notice increased engagement and followers,

reductions in cost per acquisitions and cost per clicks.

*I need to elaborate what i mean by focus all your efforts on your strengths as it can be misleading. I do not mean to disregard the inefficiencies of your product/service. For instance if your customers are not happy with a particular aspect of your product/service, obviously focus on correcting that immediately.

What i mean is Don’t focus your efforts in trying to make your product/service something it is not.

Often I see efforts taken to cover up weaknesses/insecurities instead of celebrating your strengths. Focus on what makes your product/service/brand/company special and unique.

Being transparent is a love-able attribute.

Happy Engaging…Stay Safe!

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