Case Study – Digital and Social Media Marketing in Healthcare

Client : Revenue Cycle Management Company Based in Texas (USA)
Product : Medical Billing Software/ Practice Insights and Analytics
Target Audience : CEOs, MDs, CFOs of Hospitals and Labs in the U.S
Platforms : Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
Paid Ads : Google Display, Google Re-marketing, Conversion Tracking and Mobile In-App Ads

Probably the most interesting case study i have been a part of. The client was quite disparaged about previous attempts taken by agencies and affiliates promising the sun and the moon for their business, only to fall short and accept defeat.

So to say the client had a cynical view of social media marketing would be an understatement. However, seeing the look of hope in my friend/clients eyes and the effort they take to make a difference in the world of healthcare, I knew I had to at least try do my part to ensure that they get the message across to their target audience and reap the rewards of Effective Digital & Social Media Marketing.

On a side note i must allude to the tea lady. She was very nice, warm and friendly. Quite and exemplary example of efficiency and warmth. I am pretty sure I got an extra lump of sugar in my tea. Talk about under promising and over delivering… Anyway back to the case study. 

Upon evaluating the data from previous attempts it seemed quite obvious why there was a lack of positive result.

Partly due to the desperation of trying sell a product rather than provide the solution to the problem in the marketplace. (Refer to Overselling Blog for further reading)

Partly due to not having a clear process to revenue strategy through social media marketing and

Partly due to bad positioning of the Brand.

So, armed with a disheartened micromanaging CEO,

a PR company that prefers to pay for twitter engagement than build an organic following,

a web development team that would give you 10 reasons why something cannot be done,

company employees that are more keen to plan recreational activity ,

And the mammoth task of trying to get a message across to the ever busy yet noble CEOs of Hospitals in U.S…
Yes, This was a challenge that I simply couldn’t refuse…

Online marketing for healthcare is fortified with Guidelines, Restrictions, Compliance and Ethics. Whilst protocol is maintained through company processes to ensure cooperation and compliance, Ethics is the one that always gets away. Always…  Sad but true.

The healthcare sector in the U.S is a Trillion Dollar business. So unfortunately every now and then a few unscrupulous enterprises may compromise values and principles for a fistful of dollars . (However this is not to discredit the relentless service offered by healthcare professionals, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in servitude to humanity and its well-being)

So why is Ethics so important in online healthcare marketing?

Ethics is holding yourself to a moral standard that is priceless and seemingly unrealistic. An ethic should be viewed as a constant principle.

Ethics is being able to stand alone when everyone around you screams “The money matters” and you respond with “The people matter more”

One of the reasons why search engines like Google and Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram restrict ads targeted to healthcare, is due to the lack of ethics practiced by healthcare companies and PR companies that are trying desperately to sell you a product or service. Using every scare,urgency, authority and incentive bias/tactic possible.


-Social Media Content Strategy and Plan
-Establishing credibility through social proof
-Optimizing the website to include a conversion funnel
-Constant Data Analysis of web traffic, Social Media engagement, Web Traffic sources, Bounce rates, Bounce Pages and optimizing them immediately
-Hyper Targeting* Google Ads with conversion tracking and Google Re-marketing

Result : 60 Leads in 4 months
CPA :  $8.62

Design Samples

Engagement Posts for Social Media

Upon successful completion of the project in 4 months I was so happy to hear the words “Vidhu, We are no longer pushing sales”… Ahh music to my ears.

*not the actual victory dance*

Immediately the CEO took a well earned vacation to the Bahamas with his family.

It only further proves that the truth is in the data. If anyone is willing to evaluate the data, you will find the root problem and therein the iNSIGHT to the solution.

Happy Re-marketing 😉


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