Develop Campaign for mother’s day that would increase awareness of financial products and services offered by the brand


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CLIENT (Name Withheld)
Reputed Finance Company in Sri Lanka offering Savings, Deposits, Capital Goods Financing and Vehicle Leasing

25-40 Urban and Rural Males and Females, SEC B-,C+ and C-

The Brand, as Kevin Roberts (CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi) would say is a LOVEMARK™. It is perceived as a generational brand with its values deeply rooted in customers loyalty. Customers have high love and high trust for the parent company. The CEO is a relentless believer in increasing the quality of life of all Sri Lankans. By providing the most friendly and reliable service within the financial regulatory network. The CEO personally gets involved with resolving customer issues. (Need I say more?)
With mother’s day around the corner it provided the perfect backdrop to push empathy to the supporters and fans of the brand. The client was very generous in offering three household consumer products as prizes for the campaign.


“A mothers love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path – Agatha Christie

But how often do we tell our mothers we love them? How often do we show our appreciation to what they do for us?
This was a great opportunity to remind ourselves to do just that.

Step 1 – Upload a selfie with your mum
Step 2 – Describe your mum in 3 words in the caption
Step 3 – Add #selfiewithmum to the post and tag the brand page

Main Prize – Mini Electric Oven
Consolation Prizes –Blender and a Pressure Cooker

Within a few hours hundreds of selfies rolled in and it was quite overwhelming. Below are a few entries (Selfies, Images and Names have been blurred out to protect identity and privacy)

Average Product Endorsement Post Vs Mother’s Day Campaign Post


The post reach was increased by 1,400%
Post shares were increased by 4,025%
Post Engagement increased by 30,760%
Post Comments increased by 20,91%
Engagement rate 170% (Increased by 30,877%)

Empathy posts generate higher reach, engagement and shareability.
Empathy posts help strengthen brand positioning and emotional appeal of the brand
Empathy posts coupled with an incentive caused bias offer even greater engagement, higher reach and shareability

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