Engagement Rates

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What do Engagement Rates on Social Media suggest? and why are they so important?

Well in short it, ER tells you how compelling your story is to the users that are supporting or following you.

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Imagine this scenario, You walk into a social event/pub/club/coffeehouse etc and engage in conversation with random people. How many of them do you think actually find you interesting? And would actively engage in conversation with you? Conversely how many people would you find interesting and actively engage in conversation with?

I would like to share something my mentor taught me.

“Do not mix courtesy with consent” if a user follows your social media page or website this does not mean they are your customers. They are courteous.  Social media content has to add VALUE to the marketplace.

You have to constantly evaluate and provide content that creates a deeper intimate human connection with your supporters.

Engagement Rates are socially proofing

Before a campaign goes viral it reaches a tipping point,  a critical mass if you will of social validation.

Once it reaches the tipping point you no longer control its propagation. The users do. The opposite is also true. If your social media posts fail to engage or have low engagement rates the propensity for someone new to engage with it decreases.

Symptoms for low engagement rates on social media

-You haven’t understood what your users are expecting from you as a product/service or brand

– Your story is not compelling

– The social media strategy is in-congruent (not consistent)

– Your designs do not provoke the senses  (unimaginative)

When conducting social media audits I do come across good companies with low engagement rates between 1-2%. The biggest travesty is seeing good companies with 0% engagement rates still continuing to post the same content. As Einstein said

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different is a result”

Please do not let this be you. This can direct impact sales and positioning of your brand.

Audit your social media engagement constantly for insights and symptoms

Happy Engaging!

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