Qualitative Study to understand Brand Loyalty and Incentive Caused Bias via Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email

CLIENT (Name Withheld)
A leading consumer products group in south Asia with a yearly revenue of $ 204 Mn


24-38 Urban Males and Females, SEC B, B-

The client is a longstanding name in consumer products that noticed a lot of competitor promotional activity on social media over the last few quarters. Concerned about the implications on the business we were curious to know more about the key insights and motivations of the supporters on social media and their loyalty to the brand. The questions we set out to answer were

How loyal is my customer?
What motivates my customer to purchase from my business?
Will my customer keep buying from me?
What is the consumer expectancy?
Should i be concerned about competitors?
How can I add more value to my customer?

Research questionnaire pushed on all social media channels.
Question asked was, What would you rather win?

Two tickets to an all you can eat Buffet at a luxury hotel?
$50 Gift Voucher/Gift Card from the brand?
Free internet connection for 6 months (Sponsored by the Brand) $50 Cash (All prizes are approximately $50 in value)



38.75% of respondents prefer cash incentives on promotions
37.5% prefer a branded gift voucher over the cash incentive
60% who selected a branded gift voucher are Females between 22-38
68% who selected cash incentives were Females between 22-38

There is a high perceived value for receiving a branded gift voucher over cash of the same value (Most likely due to brand loyalty and high love and trust for the brand)
Cash incentives on promotions will attract higher user engagement on social media

*Note that the results of the study reflect the Markets Response to the Brand based on current positioning and current customer insight. The results may vary across Industries, Sectors, Demographics, Geographic and Psycho-graphics.
** The focused genders Male and Female and age group 22-38 were the main focus of the study and is the core target audience of the brand.

It is highly recommended to conduct qualitative and quantitative studies of your brand, product or service to get a more intimate understanding of your customer.

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