Likes and Dislikes (Qualitative Study)

Social media has brought us closer together. Enabling us to connect with and stay connected to those close to our hearts.

Qualitative study on what users like and dislike about social media platform usage

Males and Females between 24-36 of age. SEC A, B and C


What do you dislike the most? Low likes on your profile picture/ Low likes and shares on a post you made/ People who constantly spam feeds/ People who take more than 24 hours to respond to messages

Would you let anyone go through your phone without your permission? YES/NO
What do you like the most? Friend request/ someone liked your photo/ Someone sent you a message
What notifications do you look forward to the most? WhatsApp Notifications, Facebook Notifications, Instagram Notifications
Have you ever lost or broken your phone? Describe your immediate reaction

60% of respondents dislike those who take more than 24 hours to respond to messages
25% disliked low likes on their profile picture
10% disliked low likes and re-shares on their posts
5% disliked post spammers
83% look forward to WhatsApp Notifications
66.7% Like receiving messages the most
100% Would not let anyone go through their phone without their permission

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