Slim Jim hits 1Mn followers on Instagram

For the record i am not an affiliate of Slim Jim or Conagra brands. This is an independent analysis of another success story of including memes into corporate social media strategy.

Let’s set the stage here…
5,000 Followers on Instagram in September 2018
50,000 Followers on Instagram in March 2019
1,000,000 Followers on Instagram in April 2020
No Paid Ads (As far as i know)
Post Engagement Rates between 5-12%
Avg. Engagement Per post (March 2019) 5,000
Avg. Engagement Per Post in (April 2020) 70,000

And Action!

Product – Jerky Snacks/Dried Sausages
Brand – Slim Jim
Parent Company – Conagra Brands
Platform – Instagram

The brand was struggling to hit 5,000 followers on Instagram in late 2018. However, in approximately 15 months the brand turbocharged its way into the Million Followers books on 20th April 2020.

So what did team Sim Jim do?

Meme Reposts? – No
Free Giveaways?- No
Follower Bots? – No
Follow4follow? – No
Follow4followthenUnfollow- No
Shoutouts? – No
Dynamic Responsive CPM Ad? – No
Released a dolphin raised in captivity into the sea with every new follower? – No but would have been cool


Listened to their Audience? No… But they hired a guy who Listened to their Audience

Andy Hines was a superfan that created a parody page for Slim Jim @SlimJimsDoingThings. His page had 3X more followers (15,000) when the original @slimjim page had only 5,000 followers.

By posting memes and riding the meme wave with an irreverent tone of voice Andy Hines along with team Slim Jim were able to re-position the brand on Instagram and into the hearts of users

The previous post attempts on instagram was Conventional

Conventional Instagram Post (product)

However, the modern consumer Does not like to be Sold . And team Slim Jim were able to pick this insight and transform the page into to a Cool Club

Product Meme

But don’t take my word for it.

Ipso facto

Suffice to say that the memes posted in this “cool club” has raised the Aspiration values of the brand.

But these aren’t your ordinary memes. Every Meme is a creative piece of marketing

EXHIBIT A – Brand Transparency

EXHIBITS B – Clever/ Punny

EXHIBIT C – Brand Humanization


EXHIBIT D – Provocative / Irreverent

Apart from posting high quality memes, the brand engages with every single user in the comments and frequently engages with affiliate pages.

Slim Jim is another success story of a brand that incorporated meme trends into their corporate strategy 10 Trends of Social Media Marketing 2020

Why is the meme strategy s so powerful? Memes are relatable and are shared among friends. By incorporating memes the brands become humanized and included in the users circle of friends.

Well done team SJ. Hope you continue to rock on instagram.
Stay Gang Stay Hoga Meng!

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