Viewer Experience Expectancy and Click Funneling Done Right – Social Media Marketing

Watch the following video

Pretty cool huh?

What was going through your head when you were watching this video?

-Wow. That’s amazing!
-I need this
-My friend could really use this
-Imagine the time i would save doing my hair
-No more $$$ trips to the salon
-Removes frizz and makes your hair shine? No way, What kind of snake oil is this?
-How much is this?
-Does it really work?
-It must work because science
-Haha Jokes on you, I’m bald
-How did i end up watching this video?

If you related to at least one of the above you are human. If you related to at least 3 or more congratulations you are the target audience and are now part of the conversion funnel.

One thing is for certain, The spot catches your attention.

This is a classic example of Viewer Experience Expectancy done right

Product : Hellance Beeline Pro (Ionic Hair Straighter)

Price : $30-35

Consumer iNSIGHTS – Hedonistic, Lifestyle Impulsive

Delivery – Drop shipping worldwide

Social Proof – Live reactions in video, Client testimonials

Funnelling Platform : Instagram

If you were scrolling through Instagram on your phone and have subscribed or liked any lifestyle bloggers or beauty products chances are you will be targeted with this spot or spots like this.

The brand claims that the hairbrush emits ions to equalize the imbalance of ions in your hair that causes frizziness.

While this spot could have been produced in a studio professionally, The fact that the brand kept raw real footage of everyday people while recording their honest reactions is very commendable. Especially with reducing dissonance and influencing credibility.

Ever had a bad hair day? I’m sure everyone with a few follicles on their head could attest to this

Makes a great gift gentlemen, Hint Hint

Dissonance reducing factors
-60 day Money back guarantee
-Free shipping

Click Funnel on instagram>landing page>Shopping Cart
Incentive and Urgency caused bias

Social Proof

The brand has been active on social media for less than a month so there is not enough data available to estimate site traffic, conversion rate and cost per acquisition. But if the VEE and conversion funnel of the website are a testimony to the brands effort in marketing the product i’m quite certain this is a winner.

1,527,890 Views in 3 days

Well done!

Please feel free to share your feedback about the product if you have used it.

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    • Vidhu - Reply

      Dear Marisol, Thank you for your kind words and i’m glad you found it interesting 🙂
      Best wishes

  1. Marlana Hemperley - Reply

    I’m not sure why but this blog is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

    • Vidhu - Reply

      Dear Marlana, Thank you for your valuable feedback. You are correct, we are currently experiencing some site loading delays due to the HD videos uploaded on the site. We are resolving this now. Thanks again and stay safe

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